Price: $37.48

Vallejo Acrylic Paint 16 Bottle Set Weathering Model Air VAL71194
Description Collection of 16 color sets of Model Air for painting models
and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colors
for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Contains 16 bottles of 17 ml. (with
eyed) and color chart. Contents 71001 White 71015 Dunkelgr√ľn RLM83 71028
Sand Yellow 71029 Dark Earth 71036 Mahagony 71044 Light Grey Green 71050
Light Grey 71053 Dark Seagreen 71056 Dunkelgrau RAL7021 71057 Schwarz RLM22
71069 Metal Rust 71073 Metal Black 71076 Skine Tone 71079 Flat Tan 71080
Rust 70520 Matt VarnishThe pigments used for airbrush colors are ground to the finest possible consistency
Colors can be mixed with one another or diluted with water
Model Air is presented in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper; This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container