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Turbojets work by compressing, combusting, and releasing air through a turbine. This model expresses this method in a colorful, easy-to-understand way. Approximately 19″x9″ at its base, the turbojet is designed for use on a desktop as an educational demo. The turbine can be spun using a wheel at one end, demonstrating the way the jet works. This model works well for physics classes focusing on jet engines, air compression and dynamics, and the Brayton cycle.Desktop model turbojet measuring 20″x9″ at the base
Beautifully hand-painted by artisans, this model is metal with the exception of the rotors, which are made from a sturdy plastic
Model is approximately 1:16 scale to a GE90-115B, the largest turbojet engine in the world
Compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine are demonstrated using the wheel on the side
Perfect for lessons on engines, air compression, and the Brayton cycle