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The Victory was the flagship of admiral Lord Nelson in the sea battle of Trafalgar in 1805. He achieved an imposing victory over Napoleon’s ships with this ship leading his fleet but was fatally wounded in the battle. The Victory has survived to this day and is anchored in Portsmouth, England. Model details: Finely detailed hull; Structurally detailed deck; Mounted guns; Decorated bow including ornaments; Separate railing and ladders; Detailed bowsprit; Ship’s lantern; Lifeboats; Four anchors; Detailed masts with mastheads; Prefabricated shrouds; Yarn for fixed and running rigging; and Flag chart. Paint colors needed: Flat Black, Flat Oak, Flat Linen, Gloss Brown, Copper, Gloss French Blue, Gold, Gloss Bright Red, Gloss White.Beautifully detailed deck and bridge
Detailed hull replicates the original carvings along the sides, bow, and stern of the ship, and also includes the gunports for the cannon
1:225 Scale, 261 parts, skill level 5
Includes: mounted guns, railing and ladders, detailed bowsprit, lanterns, lifeboats, four anchors, detailed masts with mastheads
Illustrated assembly instructions