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Kidsco – Flying Glider Planes – Toy For Party, Kids & All Ages – Hand Launch – Easy Assembly – Styrofoam Assorted, 8 Inch (SET OF 24)

Product Description

Do you have kids?

Maybe you are planning a birthday party for your child or you simply just like glider planes.

Either or look no further!

Kidsco foam flying glider planes are a great addition to have.

8 inch glider planes are a lot of fun for any party.

Kids will be entertained for a while.

Planes are super easy to assemble even for kids.

Simply attach the wings to the middle of the base, the flaps on the end, and the propeller cap on the front nose of the plane.

Once assembled you are ready to go!

Gliders are simply launched by hand and will soar, amazing kids.

Great to put in gift and prize bags as well for parties.

Get only quality with Kidsco.

This production is the solution for all of your kids events and needs.ASSORTED DESIGN- Kidsco flying glider planes come in different styles of airplane to add variety and more visual appeal which kids will absolutely love. Great addition for gift and prize bags at parties.
EASY USE- Kidsco glider planes require very little assembly and are easy to use. Simply attach the wings to the middle of the base of the foam plane, te flaps on the end and the the plastic propeller tip on the front. Once assembled launch by hand.
GREAT FOR PARTY- Glider planes are great for kids parties. Sets of 24 are enough to share with many. Can be assembled quickly and easily for kids. Launch them by hand and they’re flying! Kids will be entertained and foam design makes them safe.
INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED- Kidsco flying glider planes come individually packaged in the sets so that the contents of each plane are kept in pristine condition upon shipping and so that differentiation between planes is easy.
8 INCHES- Assorted flying glider planes are designed to be 8 inches overall in length. Compact Design makes them easy and great for kids.Compensates for smaller hands while still giving control for a smooth glide.