Price: $11.99

Try out our wonderful and easy to launch Kicko Foam Airplane Glider!

Watch the colorful mini jet planes gliding in the sky! Spend quality time with family and friends and experience the most unforgettable flying adventure on your weekend or holiday trip! An excellent gliding plane that will absolutely fit any activity or game as long as you are in a wide area! Invite your friends, best buddies, and workmates to come over and have a memorable summer, spring or autumn at the beach, field, or park.

Possessing alluring and pleasing colors that are certainly attractive to kids and adults. Not just a typical tool for fun but a learning instrument that helps develop a child’s mental and physical health. It promotes good hand-eye coordination, body teamwork, and enhances strategic capabilities, motor skills and focus. While having a nice time, children are unconsciously being proficient and getting fit.

Never forget it as one of the greatest additions to party celebrations and events. Fill up event loot bags, pouches and mini handbags with this famous toy together with your other stock of knick-knacks to make it superb!

A delightful experience waiting for you, so get yours now!

SOAR UP HIGH – The package includes 24 pieces of 8″ Kicko Flyers with assorted colors and styles. Individually sealed in sets so that the contents of each plane are kept in pristine condition upon shipping and so that differentiation between planes is easy.
BONDING TOOL – Play together with your little ones as they enjoy learning how to fly it in backyards, grasslands, at the beach and other wide and spacious places! Challenge your children’s imagination and creativity as they develop their eye and hand coordination.
EASY TO LAUNCH – No glue required. Easy, snap-together assembly. Simply attach the wings to the middle of the base of the foam plane, then the flaps on the end, and the plastic propeller tip on the front. Once assembled, launch by hand. More running and stretching for your kids.
PARTY FAVORS AND SUPPLIES – Beautiful presents for boys and girls, and beginners and pros during birthdays, Christmas or any holiday. Long-lasting and delightful event inclusion in loot bags, and prize bags. Teens and adults will surely want to have these giveaways and treats!
STRONG GLIDER PLANES – Kicko fighter jet toy is made of styrofoam for easy storage and transportation. Very lightweight and durable for smooth movement. Astonishing performance in the air – little to no wind breeze required.