Price: $14.45

Design, assemble, and launch your own personal model airplane with these blank wooden gliders!

Suitable for all ages, they make the perfect gift for kids, teachers, artists, engineers, and aviators. They’re easy to design, easy to assemble, and even more fun to fly!

Wooden gliders are also great vintage novelty alternatives to paper and foam airplanes, great party favors, and the perfect DIY design project to enhance and build creativity. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, need to keep the kids busy, or need a fun way to make cool new memories, do it with these gliders!

Each unit includes 4 individually wrapped gliders with assembly instructions and our own design, assembly, and tuning recommendations.

Get a 4-pack of blanks or choose one of our gift bundles:
– 6 Color Acrylic Paint Pods and Paint Brush
– 15 Prismatic Patriotic Stickers (some sticker designs may vary)
– 12 Glow-in-the-Dark Patriotic Tattoos (these are phosphorescent so charge them with light to make them glow)

Each assembly kit includes 3 balsa wood pieces:
– 1 body piece: 8.5″ x 1″, 3 mm thick
– 1 wing piece: 12″ x 2″, 1 mm thick
– 1 die-cut sheet with a cockpit, rudder, and tail wing, 1 mm thick

Made in the USA, Manufactured by Guillow’s

Our Value and Packaging
We saw many critical reviews of other wooden gliders arriving at customers’ homes damaged, used, or missing components. We wouldn’t want this to happen to us (especially if it’s a gift to someone else), so we carefully inspected and bubble-wrapped each unit so you get what you paid for, the very first time!

Return Policy
We abide by Amazon’s 30-day return policy for toys. If you can’t get the help you need from Amazon, contact us directly and we will respond within 24-hours and do our best to help!

Click “Add to Cart” now to see your personal gliders fly! We would love to see what you come up with!✈️ LET YOUR IMAGINATION SOAR; create your own original; design, draw, color, paint, and decorate
✈️ EDUCATIONAL DIY PROJECT; develops creativity and scientific, engineering, and fine motor skills
✈️ EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND FLY; see your imagination come to life as they fly over 25 feet in the air
✈️ PERFECT AND FUN FOR ALL OCCASIONS; keep the kids busy and get them outdoors, great for party favors
✈️ QUALITY GIFT BUNDLE FOR ALL AGES; get them as blanks, or with paint, markers, stickers, or tattoos; only from KYGON