Price: $24.99 - $14.99

White Model Magic gives kids and adults the room to think creatively when enjoying art crafts, school projects, slime, and even homework assignments. It’s easier to work with than modeling clays, as it won’t stick to your hands or crumble, and is lightweight and flexible when dry. Store it in a resealable, airtight container to reuse it or let it air dry to keep your creations. White is a great choice because you can easily color it any way you want, making it great for painting projects and multi-color slime crafts. 

4 Packs of White Modeling Clay in Resealable Tub, 8 Ounces Each
Easy Alternative to Traditional Clay for Kids and Adults
Store in Airtight Containers to Reuse
Will Not Crumble or Stick to Hands
Perfect Modeling Material for Slime Crafts & Art Projects
Gift for Kids, Age 3 & up.